Indent PIAAYou taught me how important it is to look presentable at all times, especially when in the corporate world. Thank you, once again, for what you taught me, and the opportunities it’s opening up for me!
Caroline, Joe Schoeman Attorneys

Indent PIAAFor the first time in years I feel beautiful! Thank you! It was a fantastic experience. God has truly blessed me for sending you across my path! To have had a makeover by you was like discovering a new person, a new Anne at 54!
Anne Pretorius

Indent PIAAMinnette is a brilliant mentor to have as she is driven and successful. Thank you for effectively teaching me how to start my own business and begin my image consultancy journey!
Diana Leyden

Indent PIAAMinnette you were born to do this! You are an excellent trainer! On a personal note, you have inspired me a great deal in looking at myself. I could feel myself transform throughout the course by applying the things that I had learnt on myself. I once again feel confident and proud of my image and also feel in some way that by attending your course I have found the ‘me’ that I thought had disappeared over the past few years! For this I really cannot thank you enough!
Odette Page

Indent PIAAMinnette is and expert in her field and even though she is still young, she could teach people from all ages and all walks of life. It was a privilege to get to know her and to have Minnette as my mentor.
Alette Johanni Winckler

Minnette Luus is the Founder and CEO of The South African Image Company as well as The South African Image Academy. She holds 100% percent shares in both companies.

The South African Image Company offers one-on-one personal consultations to clients to improve their image, they do workshops for corporate companies on the A-Z of personal branding, they train people to become image consultants four times a year, and supply these image consultants with image consulting systems and products to use in their businesses.

She is an accredited member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), founder of the Professional Image Association of Africa (PIAA) and a member of the Association of Professional Image Consultants South Africa (APICSA).

She is also the first and only image consultant in South Africa to attain a First Level Certificate (FLC) Qualification with the AICI.

Minnette’s passion for the image industry is clearly displayed in the way she handles each client.  With professional, compassionate hands-on service she truly makes a long-term difference in every client’s life. Her knowledge and experience as an image consultant contributes to a vibrant and energetic occasion.

She believes that one is unable to positively influence others, if you do not make the change in yourself first.  With her expertise she helps all her clients to make that first change within themselves.

To date, Minnette has spoken to over 4000 people about image, with a motivational approach by building their confidence and improving their self-esteem. Her clients have included Tatum Keshwar (Miss SA 2009), Nicole Flint (Miss SA 2010), Anga Jamela (the face of Revlon 2009) and Vicky Fourie (Miss Deaf SA). Minnette has also been featured several times in Get It Bloemfontein magazine, is a stylist for passi lifestyle magazine and frequently appears on OFM and Radio 2000 discussing various aspects of fashion and image. She was also a guest judge for pageants such as Miss Style Bloemfontein and Mrs. Bloemfontein.

In 2010 Minnette was a finalist when nominated by the Business Women’s Association for the Regional Business Achiever’s Awards in the Entrpereneur category.

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Lelani Agliotti

After obtaining various International qualifications, Michelle started her career as a Somatologist in a five star environment working onboard a luxury cruise liner. For those of you who have had the privilege of enjoying an onboard experience will know that the kind service received is of an exceptional high quality and there is no room for anything less than that. Through this experience a deep-instilled value of excellence developed in Michelle and since then her first priority was to deliver a superior service to her clients without compromise. She continued to become one of the top Somatologists, being an outperformer in all areas and assisted the spa manager with key driving responsibilities. She then furthered her career by managing a Boutique Hotel Spa attaining numerous International Spa Awards which put the spa in a very favourable position in the industry and as a result became reputable as one of the best spas to visit in South Africa. The very last “boss” Michelle worked for was for an International Certification and Accreditation Body where she assisted spas with quality management systems, guest satisfaction programmes and assessing the best of the best for International Spa Awards. The most fulfilling decision she has made to date was to open her own business (although she values her experience with previous career choices as this made it possible for her to become the master of her own destiny) where she has built up a reputation of being professional, helpful and as being totally passionate about her business interests. She has been running a successful health, beauty & wellness business for the past year distributing products and recruiting consultants for the much loved South African brand Annique, consulting with clients for weight loss with the very result driven Fat Loss Laboratory and offering expert skincare- & body advice and treatments. Michelle is also one of 65 students in South Africa that have attended specialised massage training by the Massage Academy | Paris and attained a Cum Lade status. She absolutely loves giving massages for those of you who are keen to try! Pursuing another loved industry and in order to take her business to new heights she became an Image Consultant through The SA Image Academy which is home to the most modern approach of image consulting and is the only course in South Africa that is certified by the International Association of Continuing Education & Training and recognized by the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International). Michelle is also a member of the PIAA (Professional Image Association of South Africa). With this latest addition to her business she anticipates to make each guest’s experience a memorable one changing their image from the inside out!

With over a decade’s worth of experience and a true zeal for people she is confident that she can comfortably meet each individual’s requirements. Each client’s success is a personal victory for Michelle, with an unsurpassed interest in changing lives.

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